UCNetwork Network


This is an authoritative client-server networking library for Unity3D, built using Lidgren.


  • Online multiplayer!
  • Real-time messaging and object synchronization for Unity3D
  • Authoritative, dedicated, and standalone server support
  • Support for clients with different codebases, and asymmetrical experiences
  • Message filtering based on logical “Areas”
  • Open world games, or simulations where clients are in different scenes
  • Networked object ownership transfer
  • Easily hook up your own functionality for:
    • Storing game state when clients disconnect
    • Authorizing player connections based on external systems
    • Server-side gameplay logic
  • …and more!

Additional Help and Contact

This library was developed by David Carrigg, with contributions from the rest of the development team that worked on the now cancelled game, Upsilon Circuit. You can find various ways to contact me on my website.

Can I use this library for my project?

Probably! This software is licensed with the MIT License.

Have fun!